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Auditors - the Salesmen of the QM System

When the auditor announces ones visiting, it often smacks of an audit with possible consequences, especially for employees in companies. However, the auditor is much more a partner who motivates and helps to improve processes for the benefit of all.

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Circular Economy and Quality? - A Perfect Pair!

The highest premise of quality management is optimal customer benefit and the highest possible customer satisfaction. Many innovative, successful companies have long since proven that these desired effects are closely linked to a functioning circular economy.

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Process Analysis with the Turtle Method

Models with strong image associations can help to illustrate and systematise complex processes. This is also the case with the Turtle method, a classic tool for visualising, analysing and improving processes.

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Guarantee for Success: Involve Employees in QM

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are a proven key factor to success and help organisations grow in a controlled way. When implementing a QMS in all areas, the integration of employees is a key factor for successful introduction.

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Car recalls as high as never before - why carmakers fail in quality management

For decades, car manufacturers were considered QM pioneers - first and foremost Toyota, the Japanese global corporation that is credited with the first successful QM measures back in the 1970s.

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QM Audits in Nursing: Guaranteeing High Quality

The step into a nursing home is difficult for many people because they have to leave their familiar surroundings and adapt to new living conditions. Quality management audits are an effective means of ensuring first-class standards.

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